Jim Mueller
Senior Director Finance
Areas of Expertise: Center for Computational Biology, Children’s Specialty Care Center (CSCC), EPIC, Institute for Informatics, WU Physicians Network (WUPN).

Kayla Stout
Assistant Director Finance

Bill Blasé
Senior Analyst
Areas of expertise: Brain Immunology & Glia Center (BIG), CAM-Facilities, Dermatopathology, Faculty Practice Plan, Genetics, Orthopedic Surgery, Pathology and Immunology, Physician Billing Services (PBS), WU Clinical Associates (WUCA), WUPBS.

Sally Green
Senior Analyst
Area of expertise: Biochemistry, Department of Medicine DOM, F&A Cost Analysis/Negotiations, Itch Center, Otolaryngology, Physician Scientist Research Center, Program in Audiology and Communication Sciences (PACS), Program Inc/Recharge, Research Mission Functions, South County Outpatient Facilities, Unspecified Departments.

Machanda Hill
Senior Analyst
Areas of expertise: CAM-Admin/Clinics, Master of Population Health Science (MPHS, MGMA Survey, Pediatrics, Physical Therapy, Siteman Cancer Center, Surgery, TFC Telecommunication FAC.

Alice Sutton
Senior Analyst
Areas of expertise: AAMC/LCME Survey, Anesthesiology, Biostatistics, Emergency Medicine, McDonnell Center for Systems Neuroscience, Neurology, Neuropsychology, Neuroscience, Ophthalmology.

Dathan Brooks
Analyst II
Areas of expertise: Center High Performance Computing (CHPC), Division of Comparative Medicine DOM, McDonnell Genome Institute (MGI), Molecular Microbiology, Occupational Therapy, Radiology & Research Imaging Facilities (RIF) Research.

Grant Miller
Areas of expertise: AAMC/LCME Survey, Cell Biology & Physiology, Center for Clinical Studies (CCS), Developmental Biology,
McDonnell Center of Cellular & Molecular Neurobiology, NeuroGenomics and Informatics Center (NGI), Neurological Surgery, OB/GYN, Psychiatry.

Elise Okenfuss
Analyst II
Areas of expertise: Biostatistics, Bursky Center (CHiiPs), Center for Genome Sciences, Center for Investigation of Membrane Excitability Diseases (CIMED), Center for Regenerative Medicine (CRM), Center for Women’s Infectious Disease Network (cWIDR), Institute for Informatics, Radiation Oncology, The Hope Center Program on Protein Aggregation and Neurodegeneration (HPAN).

Ame Krippner
Gifts Manager
Areas of expertise: Gifts and Endowments.