Centrally calculated “Revenue, Transfer and Allocation” amounts that impact multiple departments will be disseminated as they become available throughout the budget cycle.

This information includes: 1) budget elements calculated by parties outside of the department, and 2) account numbers to use for various types of transfers and allocations. Also provided are the account numbers to input on the “allocation detail” screen in the RAPS Budget Submission System that identify the contra account for 2-sided transactions. This latter data is critical for the Office of Resource Planning & Analysis to ensure that allocations and transfers are budgeted consistently across the School.

The Revenue, Allocations and Transfers form includes the following:

Affiliated Hospital Revenue

  • Barnes-Jewish Hospital GME
  • Share of Barnes-Jewish Hospital/St. Louis Children’s Hospital Operating Net

Practice Plan Administration Allocations

  • CAM Parking Allocation
  • CAM Space Allocation
  • Faculty Practice Plan
  • FPP-SLCH Parking
  • Joint Office of Strategic Planning-CSL Planning
  • WUPN
  • WUPBS Project Simplify

Other Allocations or Transfers

  • Academic Societies
  • Bridging Workshop
  • Clinical Space Charge
  • Dean’s Contingent
  • Dean’s Fund Allocation (DFA)
  • Faculty Diversity Initiative
  • Graduate Medical Education
  • Markey Pathway Funding
  • Office of Post Graduate Affairs (OPGA)
  • Reallocation of Overhead
  • Summer Research Fellowship Program