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Assistant Dean for Finance, Chief Financial Officer
Mary D. Corcoran

Manager of Finance & Administration
Brenda Phelps
Areas of expertise: Defining and maintaining best practices of financial management and business affairs across WUSM. Financial policies, transactions, approvals and monitoring.

Accountant I
Paula Shofroth
Areas of expertise: General accounting functions, data input, oversight and approvals using Workday. Occupational Health payable’s, administrative support.

Accountant I
Rose Kettler
Areas of expertise: General accounting functions, data input, oversight and approvals using Workday. Dean’s payable’s, administrative support.

Resource Planning & Analysis – Central Areas

Senior Director
Candice Goeggel

Assistant Director
Brent Yanics
Areas of expertise:  Non-PRB Departments, Foundation Funds >9% , Community Impact Allocation, Anonymous $M/year gift, BJC Dual Initiative, DFA, Risk Management, Dean’s Packet – Cash Analysis, IDC Swap with Engineering/Social Work.

Sr. Financial Analysts

Brent Ray
Areas of expertise:  Facilities, Associate Dean of Research, Bridge Funding, RDRC, IACUC, and HRPO; Euclid Power plant and EPNEC;  Dean’s Contingents Funds Estimates, Balancing, New Commitments & MyDay Conversion; Space Analysis; Unspecified Clinical, Unspecified Preclinical; and Strategic Investment Funds.

Laurie Renner
Areas of expertise: Office of Medical Education, CME, DBBS, Student Health, Occupational Health, WUSM CIO, Billing Compliance, JOSP, Surplus Share, GME, and Foundation Funds >9% Tracking

Financial Analyst
Tammy Sease
Areas of expertise: Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, Faculty Diversity Initiative, Associate VC Diversity and Inclusion, Infection Control, WUMC, Medical Public Affairs, Medical Library, Human Resources, Medical School Dean, Associate VC MC Strat Proj & Outreach, Misc General Admin, Associate Dean A&F, and Dean of Organizational Excellence; Dean’s Contingents Funds; Dean’s Contingents Funds, SIF – Clinical Program Development, and A&F Committee Allocations.

Capital Planning

Julie McMurry
Areas of expertise: Capital planning, building depreciation, prorations, debt service, Dean’s alterations & renovations, Dean’s equipment depreciation, space analysis.

Financial Reporting

Chris Adkins

Assistant Director

Adam Buffa
Areas of expertise: Assets & Depreciation, HFM department development, MGMA survey, RVU reporting, Network billing, Pathology reporting, Psychiatry reporting, Professional Liability.

Sr. Financial Data Analysts

Brian Bolhofner
Areas of expertise: Anesthesiology Reporting, A/R analysis process, Faculty loan process, HFM department development, Neurosurgery reporting, Orthopedic Surgery reporting, Pediatrics reporting.

Deborah Durfee
Areas of expertise: Clinical revenue posting to AIS, Clinical revenue reporting, DFA modules, Endowment Spending, Reallocation of Overhead, Profile edits, Surgery Access data base, FRS Reporting.

Greg Horn
Areas of expertise: School level quarterly reporting and Budget reporting, Otolaryngology reporting, HFM journals, HFM estimates, HFM reporting, HFM Department Applications, FRS reporting, Neurology reporting.

Jean Southall
Areas of expertise: FRIS application, Financial Planning application, Capital Planning/DFA/Contingent Access data bases, Faculty data, Reallocation of Overhead.

Financial Data Analyst
Richard Muraski
Areas of expertise: Monthly published reporting, email lists, Cognos reporting.

Resource Planning & Analysis – Departments

Jim Mueller
Areas of expertise: WUPN, EPIC, CSCC, Institute for Informatics.

Sr. Budget Analysts

Bill Blase
Areas of expertise: Center for Genome Sciences, Orthopaedic Surgery, Pathology & Immunology, Center for Human Immunology & Immunotherapy Programs (CHiiP’s), Genetics, CACGT, GTAC.

Sally Green
Area of expertise: DCDC, EPNEC, HPAN, ICCE, Internal Medicine, Itch Center, Med. Public Affairs, Otolaryngology, South County Outpatient Facilities, WU Medical Center, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics.

Machanda Hill
Areas of expertise: CAM – Admin/Clinics, Pediatrics, Physical Therapy, Radiation Oncology, Siteman Cancer Center, Surgery, Program in Audiology & Communication Sciences.

Alice Sutton
Areas of expertise: Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, McDonnell Center for Systems Neuroscience, Neurology, Neuropsychology, Neuroscience, Ophthalmology, Biostatistics.

Revenue Analyst
Justin Gerstner
Areas of expertise:

Financial Analyst
Dathan Brooks
Areas of expertise:

Grant Miller
Areas of expertise: Cell Biology & Physiology, CIMED, Developmental Biology,
McDonnell Center of Cellular & Molecular Neurobiology, Neurosurgery, OB/GYN, PNACL, Psychiatry, Division of Comparative Medicine.

Analyst Financial/Project Management
Ame Krippner
Areas of expertise: Gifts and Endowments.