FY21 document cutoff dates are substantially the same as they have been in prior years, but there are some changes. Please carefully read each section for important dates, what is changing for FY21, and what will happen to documents that are not fully approved. https://financialservices.wustl.edu/wfin-topic/year-end-closing/

All dates and times are hard deadlines. Deviations from these dates and time could have negative consequences to our cutover to Workday. Plans are being developed to handle emergency situations and will be forthcoming.

Saying Goodbye to AIS

All FY22 transactions will be in Workday which is prompting some changes to FY21 closing activities. There are things that you can do now and in the months leading up to June that will ease the burden and stress that June and July will surely bring. The Document Processing section below includes important details about what will happen to documents that are not fully approved by the various cutoff date. Many financial documents that are not complete will not convert to Workday.

Visit the Key Dates page of the Workday website for a full list of cutoff dates related to WashU’s transition to Workday. Workday is a multi-year university project which includes the July launch of Workday for integrated HR and financial operations.