Closing Schedules

RPA office schedule for FY 2017 closing

Date Actions to Take

Friday, June 23

Notify Budget Office of changes to function codes or reserve pointers (per reports Active Revenue & Expense Accounts and CLOSEFY) or confirm that they are correct. Reports are found in COGNOS MIS Department Reports Folder.
Friday, June 30
  • Last day to request that unspent distribution remaining at year-end in endowment funds be transferred to principal.
  • Last day for Lock Box receipts to be credited to old year.
Monday, July 3 Close IDX BAR (WUX) system for June.
Tuesday, July 6  Last day to approve ID transactions against FY 2017 free balances. Transactions remaining unapproved at 5:00 P.M. will be changed to new year documents and the vending department will not receive credit in FY2017.
Friday, July 7
  • All vacation accrual data must be finalized by 5:00 p.m.
Monday, July 10
  • WUX Clinical Practice Revenue posted.
Wednesday, July 12
  • Last day to request Miscellaneous Receivable and Payable entries.
  • 10:30 a.m. deadline for LC 2x Journals.
  • Last day to make adjustments to LC 11 income before overhead is posted.
Thursday, July 13
  • Overhead on LC 11 revenue is recorded for June (for clinical trials and research studies on 94xxx funds, clinical practice, general operating gifts and endowments, affiliated hospital, department research, and other I&R).
  • LC 22 Cost sharing and overhead recorded for June.
Friday, July 14
  • Departments receive reports of preliminary results (general operating and specific purpose funds) for review and for identification of any final adjusting entries.
  • Reallocation of Overhead (95xxx fund) credits for June are posted.
Wednesday, July 19 3 p.m. deadline for LC 11 & 12 correcting journals based on departmental review of preliminary results.
Tuesday, July 25 Final FY 2017 Close (but profile is still open).
Friday, July 31 FY 2017 Financial Information in FIS & Focus is final.
Thursday, August 3 July, 2017 (first month in FY 2018) is closed.