Every Department and Operating unit of the School is requested to submit a budget for Specific Purpose Funds. These are the funds that are not available for general support of the Department/Unit or not under the direct control of the Department Head or Director of the Unit. They may be under the direct control of a faculty member or they may be earmarked for a specific use. These funds include ledger 1x Various Carry Forward and Research Study Funds (93xxx) and Clinical Trials (94xxx): all accounts in ledgers 2x – 5x (all grants and contracts, all endowments and gifts not available for general budget support, all plant funds and all student aid funds).

Download guidelines for entering your budget in the RAPS Model »

Changes From Prior Year

  • Revenues and sources should be entered as negative (credit) amounts in the models.
  • Expenses and uses should be entered as positive (debit) amounts in the models.
  • AIS budgets for Gifts have been excluded.
  • AIS budgets for Endowments are only LC 22 expense and overhead. The LC 21 budgets will be set up in AIS when the Rendsum process is run for the new fiscal year in August.


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