Departments and programs will receive a letter from the dean of the School in December which includes Dean’s Funds Allocation (DFA), any contingent funding, and an all funds operating margin target. Departments and programs are expected to meet or exceed the target. If for some reason you feel that you will not be able to meet the target, please contact Richard Stanton, as your budget will not be accepted if the target is not met without his approval and the Dean’s.

Central administrative offices are subject to Priority Resource Budgeting (PRB) guidelines. Information on the PRB schedule has been separately distributed.

All departments, programs and central administrative offices use the RAPS Budget system for submission of their budgets to the Office of Resource Planning and Analysis. Refer to the RAPS Budgeting guideline for information specific to the system.

Please direct all questions regarding PRB to:

Candice Goeggel

Brent Yanics

For all other questions, clarifications or additional information, please contact the analyst assigned to your department.