Dean’s Fund Allocation (DFA) for FY 2017 Budget

Last Updated 10/13/2014

The departments should assume a 0% increase over the current amount (FY2016 actual) for the FY2017 budget. Total DFA amounts for FY2017 will be released in December 2015.The restricted portion (LC22 funds) of DFA will also be available in December. The LC 22 components of DFA will be provided by your Budget Analyst on a separate report and will list any endowment and/or gift funds under the Dean’s control which are allocated to your department as part of your total DFA. Any donor restrictions on the expenditures of those funds will be provided. We hope that you will be able to utilize those funds as assigned; however, if you cannot spend them within the restrictions noted, please contact your Budget Analyst to request alternate funds.

Entering Restricted DFA in the RAPS Specific Purpose R&E Model

The Restricted DFA amounts will need to be entered into both the FY17 Budget section, this is the budget that is loaded into Hyperion, and in the FY17 AIS Budget column, which will be loaded into the AIS System as follows:

FY17 Budget – Loaded to Hyperion

In the FY17 Budget section, the Restricted DFA budget should be entered by fund, and by function within the fund as follows:

Restricted Portion of DFA – LC 21 using the following BU/OB:


Expense – LC 22, budget the entire direct cost portion in an appropriate expense line (Cost Sharing, Salary & Fringe, Unassigned, etc.) and budget the overhead expense in BUOB 83. Note: if the fund was used in the Compensation Budget Model for sourcing, the salary and fringe amounts will automatically be loaded into the Specific Purpose Model.

FY17 AIS Budget – Loaded to AIS System

Only the LC22 expenses equal to the new year funding should be entered into the FY17 AIS Budget column. Budget the entire direct cost portion in an appropriate expense line (cost sharing, salary & fringe, unassigned, etc.) and budget the overhead expense in BUOB 83. DO NOT BUDGET THE LC21 SIDE. Please do not include in the AIS budget any funds carried over from prior years (this causes balancing problems when the CFU loads the endowment budgets for the new fiscal year).

NOTE: If the LC 22 Restricted DFA fund is an alpha fund (e.g. 26500A) please make sure the FY17 AIS Budget is entered on the alpha fund, 26500A, and not the main fund, 26500.