Monthly FIS clinical revenue accounting entries based on sample data:

DIVMNis the pneumonic from the GE-IDX dictionary. ie;   “IMRE” represents  “3062”,”IM-RENAL

DIVN        –    is the GE-IDX division number from the dictionary.  ie;   “3062” represents “Internal Medicine RENAL”

FIS description        FIS account              Debit      Credit

Gross Changes

DIVMN CHARGES     CG   13-3410-2450             25000

DIVMN CHARGES     CG   11-DIVN-5300-91489                   25000


DIVMN DISCOUNTS   CG   11-DIVN-5317-91489        1000

DIVMN DISCOUNTS   CG   13-3410-2450                          1000

Payments (standard overhead rate)

DIVMN PAYMENTS    CG   11-DIVN-5100-91489       12000

DIVMN PAYMENTS    CG   11-DIVN-5100                         12000

Payments (non-standard overhead rate)

DIVMN PAYMENTS    CG   11-DIVN-5100-91489        3000

DIVMN PAYMENTS    CG   11-DIVN-51xx                          3000

Refunds (standard overhead rate)

DIVMN REFUNDS     CG   11-DIVN-5100               800

DIVMN REFUNDS     CG   11-DIVN-5100-91489                     800

Refunds (non-standard overhead rate)

DIVMN REFUNDS     CG   11-DIVN-51-xx              100

DIVMN REFUNDS     CG   11-DIVN-5100-91489                     100


DIVMN TRANSFERS   CG   13-3410-2450                 0

DIVMN TRANSFERS   CG   11-DIVN-5333-91489                       0


DIVMN DEBITS-DA   CG   13-3410-2450               200

DIVMN DEBITS-DA   CG   13-3410-2451                           200

Bad debt recovered

DIVMN B/D RECOV   CG   13-3410-2450               100

DIVMN B/D RECOV   CG   13-3410-2451                           100


DIVMN CREDITS-DA  CG   13-3410-2451               400

DIVMN CREDITS-DA  CG   13-3410-2450                           400

Bad debt

DIVMN BAD DEBT    CG   13-3410-2451              1500

DIVMN BAD DEBT    CG   13-3410-2450                          1500

Contractual Adjustments

DIVMN CONTR ADJ   CG   13-3410-2453              5000

DIVMN CONTR ADJ   CG   13-3410-2450                          5000

Unknown category

DIVMN UNKNOWN     CG   13-3410-2453                50

DIVMN UNKNOWN     CG   13-3410-2450                            50

Collection of Agency Fees

DIVMN COLL AG FEE CG   12-DIVN-3521               125

DIVMN COLL AG FEE CG   13-3410-2450                           125

Earned Interest

WUPBS  INTEREST   CG   13-3410-2450                80

WUPBS  INTEREST   CG   11-3410-6405-92649                      80

Monthly provision accounting entries based on sample data:

Provision  =  net charges  X  provision percent 

Net charge is the net amount of budget 53 on ledger/class 11 91489 funds.

Calculation of net charges using sample data:

                   Charges              25000

                   – discounts         – 1000

                   +/- transfers       +    0


The provision percents are set periodically by the Budget Office, in conjunction with the department, based on the valuation of the Accounts Receivable for the IDX division.  The percent used for an FIS transaction will appear in the FIS description as shown below.

FIS description        FIS account              Debit      Credit

Provision for contractual adjustments

Net charges of $24,000  X  sample provision percent of 20% 

DIVMN PRV C/A.2000CG   11-DIVN-5711-91489        4800

DIVMN PRV C/A.2000CG   13-3410-2453                          4800

Provision for doubtful accounts

   Net charges of $24,000  X  sample provision percent of 10%

DIVMN PRV D/A.1000CG   12-DIVN-3560-91489        2400

DIVMN PRV D/A.1000CG   13-3410-2451                          2400