Compensation Model

A Faculty Compensation Plan has been developed by each Medical School department. The compensation model employed is called an “XYZ” model. Each separate Faculty Compensation Plan defines the faculty ranks and tracks to which the plan applies. The X, Y and Z components can be defined differently in different departments. Within a department not all three components may be relevant. Within a department the components will be defined consistently for all faculty of a particular rank and track. Generally, the components are:

  • X (base or XYZ base): the minimum salary guaranteed by the University pursuant to the tenure document
  • Y (supplement): an additional amount to be spread out and paid over 12 months, often linked to productivity
  • Z (bonus): an additional amount paid at one or more points in time during the year, often linked to productivity


  • X+Y is the salary displayed in faculty appointment letters and is entered as compensation on jobs in HRMS
  • “XYZ Base” is recorded as a memo item in HRMS
  • Z is not a part of the appointment salary