Effective August, 1999.

A new profile field has been established to improve the accuracy of RVU ratio calculations in selected reports. The “RVU Exclusion Code” (location 913) will be used to adjust total clinical practice revenue, expense and FTE’s in ratio reports as follows:

To exclude total revenue from the revenue/RVU ratio, or to exclude total expense from the cost/RVU ratio and total labor from the FTE/RVU ratio, enter the value “E” (for “E”xcluded) in profile field 913.

To exclude labor costs only from the cost/RVU and FTE/RVU ratios, enter the value “L” in profile field 913.

When updating profiles for these accounts, keep in mind the effect of joined profiles.

Note: The original plan was to also include a value of “D” to exclude drug costs only (budget/object 3427) but this was never implemented.