The field “Prime Agency Code / Interest Bearing Code” has two unrelated purposes.

Prime Agency Code

Required on LC: none
Optional on LC: all 2x and 3x.

For sponsored funds in which WU is a subcontractor this field specifies the agency that is the primary or original sponsor. The agency listed in the title of the account is the contractor to which we provide the services or materials. The prime agency may be a government agency even though the account is a private institution. This distinction can impact regulatory requirements (e.g. salary caps), amounts listed in the A-133 audit reports as federal pass-through, fringe benefit calculations (e.g. dependent tuition charges) and other areas. The agency code (as defined in the stat code positions 2-3) for the prime agency is entered in this field. The codes must be in the 01-85 range so as not to be confused with the Interest Bearing codes.

Interest Bearing Code

Required on LC: none
Optional on LC: all 2x and 3x.

In FY 2001 this profile field took on a second usage to identify sponsored funds for which WU is obligated to credit the fund with any interest earned. This code is used only when some funds from the agency are to be separately invested but others are not. This usage is only present for funds for which WU is prime contractor since if WU is subcontracor the prime agency code should be present. The values entered must be in the 86-99 range so as not to be confused with the Prime Agency codes.

NOTE: For FY 2000 and prior years, this code supplanted the agency code in the stat code field. In FY 2001 and thereafter the stat code field is correct.

86Office of Secretary of State (State of MO) (fund?)
87W. M. Keck Foundation (43140)
88Doris Duke Charitable Found. (43321)
89The Concern Foundation (42977, 43247)
90J&C MacArthur Foundation (42973, 43314)
91Research to Prevent Blindness (42583, 42752, 42954, 42955, 42960, 43248, 43255)
92J.S. McDonnell Foundation (42611)
93Markey Charitable Trust (42582)
94J.S. McDonnell Foundation (42317)
95PEW Charitable Trust (62247, 42565)
96Andrew Mellon Foundation (43412)
97J.S. McDonnell Foundation (42976, 42984, 43153, 43158, 43170, 43171, 43281)
98Found. for Fighting Blindness (43205)
99John A. Hartford Foundation (43169)